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Payment Info
We accept personal and business checks as well as ACH directly from your checking account. Full payment at time of order is expected.
Shipping Info
We deliver all across the Midwest with FREE delivery within 100 miles of 47872


American Dog Kennel Standard Features

  • 40 year 29 gauge metal siding and roofing in your choice of 22 colors. See color chart by clicking on Dog Kennel Options above.
  • 16" on center wall studs and rafters.
    ⦁ 6" over hangs
    ⦁ 32" wainscot
    ⦁ (1) 36" x 78" Entry Door.
    ⦁ Dog runs on outside of building
    ⦁ Chain link panels or 2"x4" powder coated welded mesh panel for out side of runs and dividers.
    ⦁ Composite decking for run floor.
    ⦁ (2) aluminum Windows.
  • a. 4' tall box for dogs
    b. 3/4" plywood box and lid.

Building Size     Price         Outside Runs    Inside Runs 

12 x 12               $7344        (3) 4' x 4'              (3) 4' x 3'

12' x 16'              $8394        (4) 4' x 4'              (4) 4' x 3'
12' x 20'              $10494      (5) 4' x 4'              (5) 4' x 3'
12' x 24              $10494       (6) 4' x 4'              (6) 4' x 3'
14' x 16'             $9444         (4) 4' x 6'               (4) 4' x 3'      
14' x 20              $10494       (5) 4' x 6'               (5) 4' x 3' 
14' x 24              $11544       (6) 4' x 6'               (6) 4' x 3'
14' x 28'             $12594       (7) 4' x 6'               (7) 4' x 3'
14' x 32'             $13694       (8) 4' x 6'               (8) 4' x 3'
14' x 36'             $14794       (9) 4' x 6'               (9) 4' x 3'
14' x 40'             $15997       (10) 4' x 6'             (10) 4' x 3' 


We will deliver anywhere in the Midwest with the first 100 miles being FREE. Delivery rates change often, so call or email if you are wanting a current quote on delivery.

  • Building Permits

Our agricultural buildings and portable buildings generally do not require permits in most locations across the Midwest, however it is the responsibility of the homeowner to check with their local county permit office to see if you need to have any permits before placing your order.

As our garages and cabins do require permits it is also the responsibility of the owner to take care of getting all permits.

Site Prep

95% of all the dog kennels we deliver get set directly on the ground. The ground needs to be fairly level for your barn or shelter to sit good. You can also grade or level your site, have a stone base, or even pour a concrete pad. The ground work is up to you and we will place the barn or shelter on whatever base you provide. We need 2 feet of room around both sides of the building and 14 foot of overhead clearance for delivery. Try and face your kennel front with the runs away from the prevailing winds in your area.


  1. If your horse barn is over $5000 you can pay 50% at the time you place your order and the balance must be paid at the time you pickup your order or before we deliver it to you.
  2. We prefer payments to be by check or by ACH payment from your checking account which can be paid directly from the invoice we sent you via email.
  3. We also take cash or checks if you are paying in person at our sales office.
  4. All custom orders are non-refundable once we start building your item.

Rent To Own

  • Rent To Own is available on these dog kennels up to $9999.00
  • Everyone is approved!
  • We have rental terms for 36, 48, and 60 month agreements. 24 month agreements do not require a security deposit and only require the first months rent to order and receive your building.
  • You can payoff anytime with no penalty.
  • Your delivery address must be within 150 miles of Rockville Indiana (47872) by google maps our zip code to yours to qualify for Rent To Own.
  • You will have to come to our office to fill out the paper work required for Rent To Own. You will need a current photo on a government ID card, drivers license etc, to prove you are who you say you are.
  • Monthly auto pay is an option.
  • We offer insurance on your building for a small price each month if you want.

How To Contact Us For Pre-Sales Questions or Price Quotes

  • Email us your questions using the contact us form below, and we will get right back to you within 24 hours during normal business hours M-F from 8-5 eastern time.

How to Place an Order

  • Call our sales office at 888-568-2035 from 8-5 eastern time M-F.
  • Email us using the contact us form below, letting us know you are ready to place an order and give us a good phone number to call you back and a salesperson will call you and help you with placing your order with us.

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