24 x 24 Deluxe Metal Two Car Garage

We manufacture and deliver our quality built metal double car prebuilt garages from our manufacturing facility located at Rockville Indiana. We deliver our deluxe metal garages around the Midwest to Indiana, Illinois, Michgan, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Deluxe Metal Garage Features

  • Only difference between our metal standard garages and deluxe metal garages is the deluxe garages have a 6″ overhang and soffit on the roof.

  • 40 year 29 gauge metal siding and roofing in your choice of 22 colors. Click on link at top of the page to view metal colors

  • 4″ x 4′ pressure treated runners

  • Treated 2″ x 4″ floor joists 12″ on center

  • Flooring – 3/4″ treated plywood on top of 2″ x 4″ floor joists 12″ on center ( Yes you can park vehicles in this garage!! ) Will support anything you can pull through the garage door.

  • Garage doors, one 9 x 7 on single car garages, two 9 x 7 on double car, and three 9 x 7 on triple car garages

  • 36″ entry door steel 6 panel

  • 2- 30″ x 3′ vinyl non-insulated slider windows

  • 7′ side walls with 2″ x 4″ double wall studs 48″ on center standard with 16″  or 24″ on center with 1/2″ cdx plywood backing

  • 2″ x 6″ rafters 48″ on center

  • Bubble wrap in ceiling

  • House wrap around the entire outer walls

  • Metal tread plate across garage door threshold

  • Delivered pre-built and ready to use

Visit here to view more information and pricing on our deluxe metal garages. https://wabashvalleyenterprises.com/deluxe-metal-garages/

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