Heavy Duty Large Round Hay Bale Cradle Feeders for Cattle

We manufacture quality made large round hay bale cradle feeders at our manufacturing facility located at Rockville Indiana.

Our large round hay bale cradle feeders for cattle, horses, sheep and goats are very well built and will hold even 2000 pound round bales. Our cradle feeders are 77 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 43 inches tall.This feeder is 16 inches from the ground where the bottom of the hay bale rests. It has heavy duty steel runners made of 1 1/2 inch 14 gauge square steel tubing for easy mobility. The end panel has pins that easily lifts up and out for easy bale loading. The tubing that holds the bale is made of 1 inch 14 gauge steel round tubing 8 inches on center. This is a very heavy duty feeder that will even hold the largest of round hay bales. This feeder weighs 360 pounds each. This feeder comes in hunter green color. The runners on this feeder are 48 inches apart and easily fit in the bed of a full size pickup.

Visit here to see more information on our round hay bale cradle feeders https://wabashvalleyenterprises.com/round-bale-cradle-feeders/00a1

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