Cabin Delivery

Finished and Unfinished Cabins

  • Delivery in approximately 4-6 weeks from purchase on unfinished cabins and 6-8 weeks on finished cabins
  • We deliver all across the Midwest with ​FREE delivery within 100 miles of Rockville Indiana 47872.
  • Delivery over 100 miles is optional and we will quote you a price.
  • Mileage is figured using google maps from our zip code 47859 to your zip code
  • Delivery of unfinished cabins in approximately 2-3 weeks from purchase
  • Delivery of finished cabins in approximately 6-8 weeks from purchase
  • We need at least two feet on either side of the cabin and 16 feet of overhead clearance  along your drive and property to deliver your cabin.
  • If you are having this set on a foundation we need at least 100 feet of room on one end of the foundation so we can backup to the foundation to slide the cabin off onto the foundation.

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